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Leaving/New Mod?

hi guys its me :) well as you can tell by me being late and the title i am going to be having to leave as a mod from the community.The reason is because i just moved to a different place and now i have a job and before i has so much time and now i barley have any so now im going to have to step down even though it makes me so sad since i love all my community's :( BUT i do not want this community to die!so if there is Anyone who wants to own this community Please comment here!^_^ you dont have to ever own a icon contest,i can tell you how it goes and such :)

All banners are being done now and all entry's will stay up for those who need to go back for things.But if you have any questions please ask ^_^
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Closed Down?

I really REALLY dont want to do this,this is why im posting asking this asking everyone.

i know bebop is a great anime even though its off the air and so then people will be less interested in making icons of it but So far i usually been having to have themes running for 2 or more weeks just to get enough icons to put up voting and so i revamped the community and got it looking and such and i been trying to sta at the original schedule even though wed. is bad for me.but some people dont really seem to be interested in it im going to ask what you guys think!

Should we close or not?
Poll #1079494 Closing bebop?

Do you think we should close?

i dunno

I know school is going crazy right now but i just like to know what you think :) also please comment with why your chose your answer if you like!it be helpful ^^
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Week:60 Voting!

Here is voting!^_^ new theme be posted Wen.!:D

we have 7 lovely icons!thank you guys!^_^


+Do not vote for yourself.
+Do not get anyone to vote for you.
+You do not have to be a member to vote, but you must be logged in.
+Voting ends on Monday when the results are posted.
+Use the handy dandy poll for your voting needs.
+PLEASE vote on icon quality, not on the characters in the icon.

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Week:60 Challenge

Here is the next theme for this week :)

And we are changing it up a bit!From now on you will be given a theme 1,and your "lyrics theme" which you been having.
Theme one will be just a theme BUT it can be a hush icon,it can have your own lyrics,it can be ANYTHING a long as that theme is used in one of your icons.Your lyrical theme will stay the must make one icon with the lyrics given.
You do NOT have to use theme 1 in your lyrical icon and the other way may also make 3 icons for just the lyrical theme or 3 icons for just the theme 1!if any of this is confusing let me know and ill explain better ^_^

Theme 1:Guns!
You must Have A Gun,Bullets,ect. visible in your icon!

Submissions are now open to anyone with a livejournal account.
You no longer have to be a member to submit.

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